Ganker | After-sale Policy
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After-sale Policy

After-Sales Service Policies

Prior Statement: Given the violent nature of the melee-combat playing method for fighting robots which involves intense collisions and strikes, the depreciation of components like the motor, etc., is inevitable. Players are recommended to employ the playing method range combat using laser guns more often, which can greatly enrich the combat entertainment, and significantly prolong the service life of Ganker.

Based on the principle of providing “quality products and intimate services”, we solemnly promise you that:

If a buyer can prove that defect problems like inability to control and deformation of framework occur even though the product has been operated in accordance with the Instruction Manual within three days of receiving the product, please contact our Customer Service. We will collect the product in question and replace it with a new one for free;

Metal Framework of Ganker Robots: 6-month warranty period; if problems like deformation and facture are found during the period, please contact the Customer Service of our company. Our company will recall and replace it with a new metal framework for free;

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of Ganker Robots: 3-month warranty period; if the problem of inability to connect the WiFi signal after opening the switch occurs during the period, please contact our Customer Service. Our company will recall and replace it with a new PCB for free;

Components that are vulnerable to damages owing to intense strikes, such as the motor, steering engine, armor and weaponry, etc., are not included within the warranty. A buyer needs to purchase the accessory parts from our company if they are expected to be replaced.

A buyer should appoint someone to skillfully master the component replacing techniques by referring to the Instruction Manual and the online instruction video for maintenance from GJS official site HYPERLINK “” GJS will not provide services like deploying offline workers to perform repair, replacing and instructing on site.

Costs of labor and maintenance incurred during the factory repair of Ganker robots guaranteed by the three-month warranty period will be assumed by GSJ; the buyer shall bear the expenses of inbound and outbound shipment, as well as the costs of replacing parts. In case where the warranty period has been expired, the buyer should bear all labor and maintenance expenses, costs of parts that are needed to be replaced and inbound and outbound shipment.

In any case, this company shall not be held responsible for the repair of the easily-damaged fighting components such as the motor, steering engine, armor and weaponry, etc., or expenses and costs of labor, material, equipment, engineering and other related costs incurred in component replacement.

This after-sale service policy of the company may substitute other forms of product quality assurance, either explicit or implied, and may be regarded as the sole and exclusive compensation for the buyer and the sole and exclusive liability of the seller.


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